• Saint-Patrick à Nice et Monaco

    Celebrate 2017 Saint-Patrick’s day in Monaco and Nice

      Because life is not all about real estate but also about having fun, we have listed 3 places where you'll be able to celebrate Saint-Patrick's day in Monaco and Nice this Friday 17th March.
  • Currencies direct

    New partnership deal with Currencies Direct

    Immobilissimo signed a partnership deal with Currencies Direct this week, which will offer our clients a currency exchange service to help them save money when buying or selling an overseas property.
  • menton-citron-cinecitta-sq

    The 2016 Lemon festival

    From 13th February to 2nd March, for its 83rd occasion, the Lemon festival of Menton puts the spotlight on Cinecittà, the very famous film studios of Rome. Almost 15 tons of oranges and lemons ar
  • Mutuo

    Why you need a broker for your mortgage

    Mr Jacques Dehondt, a mortgage broker who works for the NICAEA group, tells you why it is important to use their services when applying for a mortgage. I. Could you please tell us why a buy